GreenForest Nursery operates on about 140 acres in rural South Mississippi. GreenForest propagates and grows species such as magnolias, hollies, crape myrtles, oaks, maples and many more. These species are potted and rooted in 15, 30, 45, and 65 gallon containers and are grown for quality, not quantity. GreenForest Nursery, Inc. is also credited for the founding of the Kathy Ann and Scarlet's Peak Yaupon hollies.


TypesContainer Size
Coral Bark Japanese15 gallons
Drummond Red Maple15 gallons
Flame45 gallons
Japanese Red Maple Ribbonleaf15 gallons
Japanese Red Maple Ribbonleaf30 gallons
Seiryu Japanese Maple15 gallons
Trident15 gallons
Trident30 gallons
Trident45 gallons